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HIT! Cheap flights to Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur for only €287!

Thursday, May 7, 2015



If you want to visit Malaysia or continue from this country to some other amazing destination in South East Asia, you can now book super cheap tickets. Return flights from Madrid to Kuala Lumpur are available for only €287! Regular tickets are around €600! This is apparently another error fare so you better book it […]

Cheap flights to Spain: Madrid from Bratislava for €64!

Monday, March 16, 2015



UPDATE 16.3.: Ryanair launched sale for June, tickets from Bratislava to Madrid still available for only €64! Example dates: 8.-10.6., 8.-12.6., 10.-12.6., 10.-19.6., 22.-24.6., book fast here, check screenshot! UPDATE 5.3.: flights from Bratislava to Madrid still available for good price, only €69! Example dates: 15.5.-20.5., 20.5.-27.5., 25.5.-29.5. or 8.6.-12.6., book via Ryanair. UPDATE 29.1.: […]

Cheap flights to Puerto Rico: San Juan for only €429!

Monday, March 2, 2015



AirEuropa now offers really cheap flights to Puerto Rico. Multicity tickets Milan – San Juan – Madrid are available for only €429! You can also fly from Milan to San Juan and back for €450! Another option is directly from Madrid to San Juan for €485! Many other combinations with other cities are possible (Paris, […]

WOW! Cheap flights to Thailand: Bangkok for only €337!

Friday, February 20, 2015


View to Koh Tapu, so-called James Bond Island, The Man with the Golden Gun, Ko Khao Phing Kan, Phang-Nga Bay, Ao Phang Nga Natio

UPDATE 20.2.: multicity tickets to Thailand again available! Madrid-Bangkok-Berlin for only €346 in April and May! You can also return to Paris for €394. Example dates: 28.4.-11.5. (return to Berlin), 5.5.-18.5. (to Paris), book here, check screenshot. After cheap flights to Hong Kong from Madrid you can now buy also flights to Thailand for amazing price! […]

Super cheap flights to Spain: Madrid from Vienna in summer for €58!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



We informed you about cheap flights with Ryanair from Slovakia to Madrid but now there’s something even better: flights from neighbouring Vienna with Iberia for even lower price and availability during the whole year including summer! Return tickets from Bratislava to Madrid are now available for only €58! This is amazing price and perfect opportunity to visit Spanish […]

WOW! Extremely cheap flights to Puerto Rico: San Juan for €322!

Sunday, February 1, 2015



Air Europa now offers really cheap flights from Italy to Puerto Rico. Return tickets from Milan to San Juan will cost you only €322! You can fly also from Rome for €5 extra or from Paris and Madrid for €50 extra. Regular tickets cost around €800 from Europe! Travel dates are from February until April. […]

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