16 Travel expectations vs The Reality in pictures

18.03.2016 at 13:40

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Traveling is one of the best thing you can do. But with the development of internet, everyone can now make a research about the place where you want to go and browse through endless photos and pictures of your destination. Unfortunately, many of these professional pictures are either completed edited, photoshopped or just very improved with filters and all the optimal settings.

This way, one can be a bit disappointed when you arrive at the other end of the world and have a high expectations. See following 16 pictures comparing what you would probably expect from the catalogue of travel agency and how the actual reality looks like.

Do you feel bit depressed now? Don’t be! Although the reality of your dreams looks in many cases like this, all these places are in reality still magical and we assure you you will love visiting them. And most importantly, the best memories and experience always come totally unplanned, when you expect it the least – and you can enjoy such moments only if you travel.

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2 Responses to “16 Travel expectations vs The Reality in pictures”

  1. monn says:

    I have been in China and The Great Wall was realy full of tourists, but only in one direction. Other side of the wall was empty so we went there. The same in Thailand – beach from the movie with DiCaprio – one day full, second day early morning empty. And Angkor Thom in Cambodia we also had luck – only few tourists early in the morning. All depends, if you travel organized with group of other tourists or independent. Very bad experience was elephant riding, never do that!

  2. Paul says:

    Travel independently, research your destination and be willing to put up with some minor inconveniences. Go to Rome in winter to avoid the huge crowds, the Great Wall is what it is- Great! So there is plenty of it to see, you can hire a private guide, including transport for almost nothing. As for Stonehenge, there are other magnificent places like Avebury or the Rollright Stones. Cannaregio in Venice is a quiet,and peaceful district, full of quaint cafes and was the Jewish Ghetto so there is lots of history. Just go a few blocks away from the Grand Canal and you’ll feel like you’re in the Venice that you imagined!

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