Big changes in Wizzair’s Wizz Discount Club: new standard and group memberships

14.10.2014 at 10:10

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Wizzair announced major changes in their Wizz Discount Club.

Until now you could become a member of Wizz Discount Club for €32.99 and travel with at least €10 discount per one way flight. You could also take up to 9 friends with you who would travel also for the discounted price if you booked the tickets together.

This is history now: Wizzair introduced important changes in Wizz Discount Club.

The Club is now divided into two possible memberships:

  • Standard membership
  • Group membership

Each type offers slightly different discounts and conditions.

Standard membership will cost you €29.99 per year (small discount to previous price of Wizz Discount Club in 2013) and gives you €10 discount on all flights over €19.99 for you and 1 other person traveling with you. The new feature of the Standard membership is also €5 discount on each large cabin bag and check-in luggage purchased online with your reservation.

Group membership on the other hand costs €49.99 per year and allows you to get the same €10 discount per one way flight for you and up to 5 other people traveling with you. That’s basically the only difference. You also get €5 discount for each large cabin bag and check-in bag as well.

These changes to Wizz Discount Club basically means you will get less value for more money. Wizzair also recently changed the prices for extra baggages and made them more expensive so even though you get €5 discount per piece of luggage now, it doesn’t really makes it cheaper.

While you could easily take 1-9 other people with you in previous Wizz Discount club for €32.99, you will have to pay €49.99 per year now and you will be able to take maximum 5 other people. This is hardly interesting offer for usual Wizzair customer who takes 1 to 3 return flights per year. Yes, if you are a hardcore traveler who takes couple of flights each month then you could benefit from this new offer but most people will have to actually pay more from now on.

Let’s hope this is the last change in Wizzair’s price policy after the baggage price and this increase – although they prices look great at the first sight, if you add all the extra neccessities you will pay much more than you planned in the end. Anyway Wizzair still remains one of the best low-cost airlines with interesting routes and prices.



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