Ryanair 2015 news: lower fees, possibility to cancel the ticket and more leg room!

04.03.2015 at 10:07

Travel news

Ryanair yesterday unveiled the plan for 2015 and it includes some interesting changes in the approach of the infamous low cost airline.

The increasing competition between its biggest rival Easyjet and other low-cost airlines forces the company to continuosly change and update its relationship with customers and stop ripping them off on every occasion.

We have already noticed interesting changes last year including free extra small bag approved as cabin luggage or launch of business plus plan.

Here are the main news for Ryanair in 2015:

  •   New aircraft interiors & new cabin crew uniforms
  •   Lower airport check-in fees, missed departure fees and a new flight  cancellation option (€15 per segment fee, within 24 hours of booking).
  •   Real time airline fare comparisons on Ryanair.com.
  •   A new destination content service, featuring customer reviews.
  •   A new travel insurance product, replacing the current drop down insurance.
  •   A personalised Ryanair.com website with up to 100 versions of the homepage and personalised promotional emails with customer-specific tailored offers.
  •   A new ‘hold the fare’ feature (€5 to hold a fare for 24 hours).
  •   An improved inflight menu, with more healthy meal choices and a hot breakfast pre-order service on key routes.
  •   New seats with more leg room & new Boeing Sky Interiors.
  •  Faster native mobile apps, an improved Ryanair.com desktop and an enhanced “My Ryanair”customer registration system.

These are all very interesting changes that should make flying with Ryanair more comfortable and enjoyable for all passengers.

While we are skeptical about the increased leg room and new seats, other changes are very interesting.

The possibility to cancel the ticket for €15 fee may be very useful, that’s something that almost no other airline offers or if they do they charge fees in the €100 range.

Another very significant change is the new travel insurance product which should mean you will no longer have to look for “Don’t insure me” option hidden in the list of countries of the passenger. We know many passengers don’t even know about the possibility to remove the insurance and this useless product just increases the final price of their ticket.

Let’s hope Ryanair will move from these promises to real actions as soon as possible and continue to become a better airline.



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