Top 15 Incredible Fun Facts about Bali, Indonesia

19.02.2016 at 17:31

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Bali is one of the most popular destinations in the whole world. This magical island is frequent target of travellers of all budgets, from backpackers to luxurious vacationers looking for privacy and 5 star resorts. Bali has it all. The island is big enough to offer beaches, towns, jungle, scuba diving, mountains and waterfalls and much more. At the same time it’s not too big and traveling from one end to another will take you just couple of hours.

Check our Top 15 incredible fun facts about Bali.

1. Kopi Luwak coffee

The world’s most expensive coffee in the world comes from Bali. It is called Kopi Luwak and is not your typical coffee bean… The beans are collected from the digestion of a Civat Cat, which is a shy cat-like creature living in Asia. The Civat cat only eats the ripest and finest coffee cherries but doesn’t digest the bean. Luwak coffee can cost up to 50 dollars per cup!

2. Bali is dependant on tourism

Because of the fact that Bali is a popular tourist destination for travellers from the world, around 80% of its economy is related to tourism. From leisure activities to hotels and restaurants; tourism is the largest industry in terms of income. The citizens of the island simply depend on the many tourists that visit it and earn living from them.

3. Black sand beaches in Bali

The beaches scattered all over Bali are considered one of the best in the world. Other than the typical tropical white beaches it offers, Bali also offers a golden chain of magnificent black sands, especially on the north-western coastlines, with tranquil pristine coves. These beaches serve as havens for tourists, fishermen and surfers who explore coral reefs, exotic fish species, and strong waves. The beaches lure visitors with incredible shipwrecks, panoramic views and a vast scope of adventure and water activities.

4. Calendar with 210 days

People living in Bali relied on a 210-day calendar, also known as the Pawukon Calendar. Although Denizens still equate their birthdays based on this classic calendar, the Balinese people would give their age using the Western Calendar. The Bali calendar with 210 days has ten discrete week system and is source for many significant events each year.

5. Balinese babies are considered small angels

Balinese babies are not allowed to touch the ground the first few months of their lives, that’s why they are carried everywhere. They are considered little angels, their connection to the spirits is kept by not touching the earth. When the right time has come and they are allowed to touch the ground, a big ceremony is held.

6. Nyepi day – unique celebration in Bali

Nyepi day, also known as ‘day of silence’ is a unique celebration among the Bali people during which the neverending activity of the islands is replaced by pure tranquility, with work, travel and noises being limited. The silence and meditation ushers in a new year. Big rituals and sacrifices are practiced in various islands by most of the local people.

7. Identical first names

Names are very special for most of the Balinese people as there are only four for men and women. First born is called Wayan, second Made, third Nyoman and fourth Ketut. A fifth kid starts again as a Wayan. Other people are given a series of nicknames while some stick with original names. Because of this you have to try to be even more descriptive when calling the Balinese, for example, you say “Yoga Ketut or Mountain Ketut.”

8. Plenty of dolphins in Bali

Did you think there are no dolphins in Bali or Indonesia? That’s not right! In Lovina, the north tip of Bali, there are plenty of dolphins! There is the South east Asian spinner dolphin, the spotted dolphin, the Frasers dolphin, the Rissos dolphin, and suspected sightings of common bottlenose dolphins as well.

9. Two active volcanoes in Bali

Bali has two active volcanoes, Mt. Batur (5,600 feet) located in Bangli regency together with Mt. Agung (10,000 feet) in the East. Both volcanoes has become a prime tourist hostpot and target of many visitors interested in trekking and nature. Mt. Batur active volcanoes and its reverence by the locals have attracted a stream of onlookers. On the slopes of Mt. Agung lies Pura Besakih, a large temple. Mount Agung last exploded in 1964 and it’s still active volcano from this date.

10. Most people in Bali speak 3 languages

There are over 580 different languages and dialects spoken all over Indonesia, although Bahasa Indonesia is the country’s official language. Most Balinese residents speak 3 languages: Balinese, Indonesian and English (the last one mostly due to tourism). You should have no problems talking English with the locals as opposite to many other Asian countries.

11. Hinduism is the main religion

Bali is nestled in Indonesia which is a Muslim dominated country. Surprisingly, a substantial portion of the areas’ population embraces Hinduism. In the island, locals savor Babi Guling or roasted pig; these delicacies are sloughed off by Muslims elsewhere.

12. Famous Balinese dance

If you have already visited Bali we are sure you have seen the famous Balinese dance. The dances and dramatic performances are an important part of Balinese religion and culture. These dances and performances are present in every ritual in Bali. They show the devotion of the locals to the gods.

13. Other names for Bali

The prehistoric Bali Island is one of Indonesia’s provinces. Bali sits various central mountains including peaks that surpass the 3,000 meters above sea level. It is also called The Island of Peace, The Island of Love, and Morning of the World, The Island of Hinduism, and The Island of Gods.

14. Perfect for snorkelling

Bali is a perfect destination for snorkelling and scuba diving. Especially Gili islands are popular for this activity. There is a very rich sea life. Did you know that the Indonesian waters are home to over 3,000 species of fish? That’s more than double the amount of species located in the Great Barrier Reef!

15. Three more islands in the South

The province of Bali also includes three offshore islands im the south. The largest of these is Nusa Penida, a very sparsely populated island with virtually no tourism and development. Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan each has a handful of beach resorts and are popular with tourists who often make 1 day trips here. Nusa Lembongan is also famous as one of the Bali’s best scuba diving and surf spots.

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